Welcome to my students,

I have created this page as a way to share related links and useful review/learning tools.

I hope that the content posted here helps you in the course and in your learning of the fantastic science of Chemistry!

In the Important Links tab, you will find links to helpful web sites and online class resuorces.
In the Tutorial tab, you will find links, embedded video and my video tutorials for topics that are typically difficult for my students.

Please feel free to leave requests for topics that you would like me to address in the discussions section (access this using the discussions tab)

Best of luck and feel free to contact me if you need further assistance

Mr. Demascal


Here are some interesting links and videos:

Here is a glimpse of what I do in the summer!

From my point of view (footage of a similar show we shot this summer) Finale starts at 5:55

Innovation = science + creativity